Sunknowledge: The Ultimate HME Billing Reliable Partner for Better ROI

Studies have shown that the annual spending in the U.S is $3.6 trillion or more than $11,000 per person. According to a recent report by The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention it is estimated that more than 90% of that spending is dedicated to chronic conditions which leads to a huge demand for DME, HME products etc further. However, with such a huge demand, not only healthcare practices are facing challenges but also for patients as well.

This is where Sunknowledge fits in, as a next gen RCM organization.

Sunknowledge Services Inc The Ultimate HME Billing Resolution:

Catering to both front and back office HME billing operations starting from data management which is collection of data which is a vast quantity and that can yield great value when aligned with clinical data, direct doctor office follow-up, complex authorization scrutiny to timely claims managements and retrieving old aging accounts receivable, our experts take care of all.

Elevating your ROI efforts, we further being one of the leading RCM has the unique ability to drive your collections and reduce your operational expenses by more than 50% which is 80% of the cost. Maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate, our experts further reduces your chances of errors in both the billing and coding process and also in rejection and denial of claims.

With our pool of expertise and dedicated resources and complete operational transparency, Sunknowledge experts today are known for the highest productivity metrics, excellent industry references across the US and also making your process of reimbursements in the best lucrative possible manner.

How we are different from other HME billing RCM?

Taking the complete billing responsibilities we also ensure:

  • Proper attention is given to every size or source
  • Even Liability insurance coverage of $1/3 million from Geico/Hiscox for any errors of Omission and Commissions
  • Helps in reduction in your accounts receivable bucket by 30% in the first month itself
  • 100% prior authorization submission on the same day

So, if your practice is looking to elevate your ROI efforts in the HME billing domain, we are the perfect solution to leverage our advantage for better returns. So call us right away and our experts will help you drive your reimbursements further and chalk out a perfect plan to drive your payments as a reliable operational partner.

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