End Your Troubles in Urgent Care Billing with Sunknowledge Approach

Today in the healthcare medical billing business, bringing in revenue on time is a challenging issue for many healthcare practices. As the reasons for your payment delay or sometimes your practice not getting paid at all can be many like:

  • Claims are billed with coding errors
  • There is another payer identified issue
  • Unaware of billing rules and regulations
  • Incomplete or incorrect information
  • Untimely submission of claims etc

But with Sunknowledge Services Inc by your side, you no longer have to worry anymore.

Improve Your Urgent Care Billing in 2021

With a consistent accounts manager ensuring proper checks and balances during the demographic entries ensuring better payables reducing endless hours and money, which is much needed in an urgent care billing process, Sunknowledge experts today not only help in seamless urgent care billing management but also efficient revenue generation for your practices; being one of the leading RCM organizations across the US serving leading names of the industry.

Eliminating all the unnecessary costs like the cost of the billing department itself (equipment, salaries), claim processing costs and other miscellaneous overhead, like software, hardware, and office space, we are one of the cost effective RCM organization helping you with 80% operational cost reduction. With a complete understanding of the payer and provider processes and addressing operational necessities, our expert not only gives all our clients the needed consistency but also ensures delivering error-free charge sheets within the agreed TAT provided by the clients.

Excelling in different billing software like CPR+, Kareo, Universal, Futura etc makes our experts also excel in different clients proprietary billing software as well.

Further addressing aging accounts complying with timely filing limits and addressing all the receivables with clarity and complete operational transparency, our expert ensures maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing and coding processes.

In fact today our highest productivity metrics complement the efforts of management and provider support services by our experts. Furthermore, working for more than a decade today, we also have excellent industry references across the country as well.

So if you are looking to streamline your urgent care billing in 2021, Sunknowldge Services Inc is a good start towards a better billing management process.

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