What are The 3 Tips for Better DME Billing?

If you are a DME provider, it is crucial for you to make efforts in streamlining the billing process for better reimbursements. The evolving landscape in the DME industry is surely going to have a big impact in the claims adjudication mandates.

It is extremely vital for better reimbursements to lay down the right checks and balances with DME billing. Right from a consistent practice management process to comprehensive accounts receivable recovery, the entire process has to be consistent and transparent.

A Proactive Prior Authorization Process

Laying down the right checks and balances is one of the key areas that you will have to find solution for. In fact, in DME billing, the right foundation is one of the biggest factors to consider. A comprehensive eligibility verification and authorization process is the need of the hour.

Also, it is extremely important to leverage the benefits of technology and use it to fullest advantage. A seamless transformation from tedious paperwork to a EPA mode (electronic prior authorization) that seamlessly integrates with the EMR should be the idea. It will upgrade and quicken the process of prior approvals with a proactive approach to the entire prior authorization process that betters denial management in the later stages.

An Extensive Accounts Receivable Recovery

Managing your current as well as aging accounts in DME billing has to be done with a powerful balance. Your team should be proficient in using major billing software in the DME space, understand the constraints and adhere to timely filing limits requirements to the fullest. To recover aging accounts, your team’s understanding of the payer’s prerequisites is of prime significance.

Finding a reliable DME Billing Company

A powerful DME billing company that assesses the importance of seamless communication with dedicated account management support should be the priority for the providers. Also, they should be expert in handling prominent billing software in the DME space and combine expert resources with state of the art platforms.

A clear roadmap with end to end practice management/ revenue cycle management assistance is a must from a powerful DME billing company. To assess it, their functional best practices, references from industry peers and exposure in DME billing, should be taken into consideration.

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