The 3 Characteristics of a Good Medical Biller

In the entire healthcare business, billing for medical services rendered is a meticulous and detailed job. To survive in the competitive industry, as well having software to make sure that customers have the a great experience with your services, it is critical to get your medical billing done the right way and in the most perfect manner possible.

So whether you are a service provider in the healthcare sector, in need of reliable billing services for quick reimbursement by federal or private insurers, or a medical biller yourself, you cannot overestimate the importance of having the right skills and knowledge for the job to ensure a better chance of getting your bills paid quickly and your denials reduced.

Besides the usual demands for accuracy in medical billing, one also needs to pay attention to protecting every piece of data from being misused or compromised in any way. Dealing with sensitive patient-data and maintaining a high degree of privacy and confidentiality, is not exactly child’s play. One needs to have deep knowledge of how to ensure such security. I was reading this and it elaborates on the services available to you should your operation be in need of some kind of consulting or auditing services to ensure that you’re storing and processing private information properly and in keeping with the rules and laws.

Operational efficiency says it all. To increase the cash flow, to make more claims get approved at first submission, and to decrease overall denial rates – are the exclusive hallmarks of a competent medical billing expert.

Here are 3 characteristics that every medical biller worth his salt should have:

  • Skills and Qualities

    These are the fundamental elements that determine the real worth of any medical biller. They are also the avenues for growth. A good professional should have the ability to learn new software programs quickly and be ready to adapt to changing requirements, be flexible, have the confidence of rising up to new challenges, and exhibit a keen attention to detail. Some mathematical and organizational skills will add a feather to a biller’s cap.
  • Communication

    Courtesy and confidence are essential communication traits to be accomplished, as medical billers are often required to interact directly with patients and their insurance representatives. A good ability to listen, analyze and make amendments as required, is highly essential in this regard.
  • Training and Certification

    These are mandatory for becoming an excellent medical biller. Knowing about the complex laws and regulations that govern medical billing, is an absolute necessity. It includes having a good deal of knowledge about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Stark Laws, the False Claims Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Act, to name just a few.

It is important to remember that truly capable medical billers seldom remain confined to mere coding and billing. Their contribution, very often, spills into the greater domain of revenue cycle management. While such contribution may not be a direct one, one cannot deny its importance in the larger scheme of things such as making the cash flow process more streamlined or ensuring continued profitability for any healthcare business.

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