Sun Knowledge is Your Destination for Tailored Medical Billing Services

A competitive healthcare services company, Sunknowledge has been providing powerful medical billing services. We are a desired partner for leading providers of healthcare including urgent care centers, DME providers, specialty pharmacies, primary care clinics, hospitals, nursing homes etc.

As a 100% HIPAA compliant organization, we provide our complete range of support in practice management/ revenue cycle management. We will be working as your reliable operational extension and will guarantee you a reduced billing cost of 80% with collection improve of over 97%.

At present, Sunknowledge alongside our medical billing services will be providing free telemedicine support that will help in increasing your patient inflow. We will be enabling state of the art technology interfaces that will be helping you in reducing your operational costs and make it more flexible and personalized for your patients and physicians. We will be working as your seamless billing office while you focus on your patient care worrying less on your administrative hassles.

Drive your medical billing with the Sunknowledge advantage! We will provide you with streamlined processes, excellent pool of resources of medical billers, coders that will be eliminating proven pain points in your reimbursements process. We will provide you comprehensive support in prior authorization, claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable recovery and collections. One of biggest advantage of working with Sunknowledge will be our superior account management assistance and customized reporting standards. We do not write off or do any form of adjustments unless it is pre-approved by you.

Our experts are just a call away! Let a Sunknowledge expert provide you references, illustration on how our functional best practices have removed process loopholes in healthcare revenue cycle management for leading practices, providers. Partner with Sunknowledge and get stand out medical billing services at just $7 per hour for a full time engagement from a medical biller and complete account management support alongside!

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