Streamline Surgical Practice Billing with The Sunknowledge Advantage

A next gen surgical practice billing & collections company, Sunknowledge sets the standards for an improved cash flow. As a complete RCM destination, we have setting the benchmark, driving practice management standards for some of the leading healthcare providers of the country.

Our team of practice management experts, medical billers is well versed with the immediate mandates of the industry. We are currently working with leading healthcare providers and payers with admirable distinction.

One of the key attributes that are served by the RCM companies is helping with timely solutions with a 360-degree perspective. It helps the providers focus better on a patient-centric model delivering better care that influences their growth in the long run.

The vendors in RCM are well-aware of the market dynamics & new trends that help them provide solutions that are the need of the hour. Insurance companies have a disciplined process in place with their claims adjudication process & RCM companies provide a consistent approach with their dedicated team focusing on hospital accounts receivable follow-ups.

They also employ their excellent methodology with upgraded processes that provide the needed automation helping the providers with real-time solutions improving their receivables. The complexities in the modern healthcare domain, especially in hospitals, demands more specialized approach.

The changing dimensions in the healthcare industry are surely impacting the healthcare providers especially hospitals who deal with inpatient care management solutions. Rendering of care, especially in an emergency, is crucial for the survival of a hospital with their fundamental operational practices. However, it is often observed that hospital denial management is often not up to the mark & leaves a lot to be desired.

Sunknowledge Services Inc offers both pre and post billing support in Surgical practice billing. We promise to reduce billing costs by 80% with a first pass rate of 97%. Our team performs task specific responsibilities in eligibility verification, authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery.

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