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It is true that the Medicare offered a one year period of grace and committed that it will not put a penalty on the provider even if they are not able to use the most specific diagnostic codes available provided they fall under the correct family of codes, no one was actually aware how the private insurance payers are actually going to process the new codes, during the ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition phase.

Almost 13 million ICD-10 medical claims got processed in the first month itself that was worth $25 million! It was evident with many healthcare providers that the entire fear of a drastic financial impact never really happened. Some providers did face some challenges with their EMR’s. Especially within the medical recording systems, using the appropriate manner by which electronic health record can be used and it is searchable was the pain.

The AMA clearly believes that the overall transition went well and there was no major setback with Medicare medical claims rejections. Now with the end of the flexibility period, AMA further plans to continue monitoring the process and potential changes and disruptions that can happen with more specific medical codes being required.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: Your destination for cutting edge Medical Coding Services

Top reasons to select Sunknowledge Services Inc as your preferred solution partner for medical coding will be:

  • 99.99% accuracy in medical coding
  • An experienced team in medical coding for fast and proactive service
  • Reduce your operational expenses by 70%
  • Medical coding starts at $7 per hour
  • Over 100’s of clients with excellent references

Take time to adjust with ICD-11

The main goals of WHO with ICD-11 will always be the compatibility with electronic health records. It has up to 13 dimensions and is actually designed as a database. Also, ICD 11 is multipurpose, accommodates multiple specialties with some of it being quite unique. Sunknowledge Services Inc has the capability of working and providing the needed versatility with medical coding. Let us share with you, our best practices and we assure you of utmost competency with a great track record in medical coding services.

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