How To Approve a Vendor to Manage Your Suction Pumps Billing

Any supplier of home, portable respiratory suction pump will tell you that taking care of patients, logistics, payments has become murkier than ever before. Nebulizers, items used in CPAP BIPAP and pumps are in high demand with this pandemic still around.

Shortage of workforce, managing systems virtually has become an order of the day for most. The only way a modern healthcare will survive is adopting a more consumer driven model.
Is your team capable of handling all the hcpcs code for suction tubing? Are they aware of the any new regulations with Medicare coverage on e0325? What are the present adjudication mandates across a7520 covered by Medicare?
You must have necessary answers for the same early. Otherwise, there are high possibilities of landing in deep trouble with soaring DSO’s. But the question is how to find the one that can help you in managing your suction pumps billing.
All you want is someone that can help you take care of all your front and back end efforts by offering a specialized intervention. It all comes down to securing a powerhouse that knows what it takes to upgrade your collections by delivering trust and value.

The company must have a fair idea on how to manage all the heavy lifting jobs at the pre billing segment, setting the tone for a comprehensive effort in the post billing.

The Sunknowledge Experience in Managing Everything

The biggest advantage we bring forward is our experience of handling some of the largest names in the durable medical equipment industry. At present, we are serving the top 3 of the ten biggest DME companies in the country. We know how to make life easier for you with streamlined support in inventory management, front and back end suction pumps billing.

Our team is versatile across all platforms in use, deliver customized support at next door rates that transform your collections in the best possible manner. Speak to our team and come to know how we define your suction pumps billing demands as a reliable operational extension.

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