Secure Your Cash with a Complete Medical Billing Services Approach

A paperless environment is going to be a key element to reduce the high cost of healthcare in the United States. Over reliance on paper is still evident and on an estimate nearly $300 billion per year gets spent on paper.

A paperless process with medical billing provides manifold benefits like greater patient satisfaction, higher rates of retention and increase of the payment rates especially with the online payments. It significantly reduces costs of collection that traditionally requires large paper amounts.

Medical billers must have an extensive understanding of the insurer requirements, Medicare/Medicaid as well as the respective billing codes. They have to comply with the complexities of state and federal regulations like the HIPAA as well as the STARK laws. The most challenging part of any medical biller will always be explaining the patient’s billing statements.

Sunknowledge: State of the art Medical Billing Services

A superior team of medical billers and coders who understand the immediate claims adjudication mandates of the industry, state of the art infrastructure, unique distinction of working with both payers and providers in the healthcare space, Sunknowledge is a complete medical billing services company.

Our team extends complete support in:
Practice Management
♦ Scheduling
♦ Eligibility Verification & Authorization Verification
♦ Prior Authorization
♦ Customer Care

Billing & Collections
♦ Coding
♦ Charge Posting
♦ Claims Submission
♦ Payment Posting
♦ Denial Management
♦ Accounts Receivable

The reason we are unique
♦ Instant reduction of cost by 70%
♦ Best rates at $7 per hour
♦ Customized reporting with dedicated account management
♦ 100’s of client references
♦ No binding contracts

Looking for more information on our medical billing services! We are just a call away! Let our team demonstrate what difference we bring to the table, our years of experience as a complete healthcare revenue cycle management company. We have the distinction of working with leading healthcare providers and payers and the ability to offer medical billing services at the best rates in the market. Leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity to transform your revenue collections!

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