Sunknowledge Services: A Reliable Operational Extension for Seamless Orthotics Billing Services

In a medical billing process, proper and accurate data entry is one of the vital aspects of a seamless billing process, as even a single mistake in your data can cause problems in your billing process with delayed reimbursements.

However, in an orthotics billing process it is observed that more than 60 percent of in-house staff ends up wasting their time in getting the complete and accurate documents during the data entry process and also in the eligibility verification process. Wasting most of the time and effort in figuring out relevant information and in the billing process and not in administrative care however, leading to poor patient management. This is where Sunknowledge Services can help.

How Sunknowledge Services can help?

Eliminating the time in-house billers waste to sort out paper trails and key data in manual documents, Sunknowledge experts complete the job quickly and accurately. Ensuring accurate order entry based on the Rx as determined by the physician, fast eligibility verification, our experts ensure complete HIPAA compliance with operational transparency.

With a track record of 99.9% accuracy rate in the billing and coding process, our expert eliminates all coding errors, mismatch of codes, typing issues and even issues like incomplete documents errors etc.

Ensuring robust reporting our experts also ensures seamless orthotics billing operation and also helps in reducing your operational cost reduction by 75%.

Improving the client’s DSO and collection rate, our expert only focuses on reducing denial claims while achieving a faster revenue generation.

In fact, currently, we are working with over 100 clients in all HME, DME, orthotics, prosthetics, CPAP other specialties space providing our exclusive practice management/ revenue cycle management support for all the billing activities including

• Order entry
• Eligibility Verification & authorization
• Doctors office follow up
• Order confirmation
• Creation of Claims
• Timely Claims Submission
• Claims Rejections
• Cash Posting
• A/R Follow-up
• Rejection & Denial Management
• Contact center services

Helping you with an orthotics billing solution that you have always desired, we have a track of 100% client satisfaction with zero attrition record in the last 15 years.
So if you are looking for an orthotics billing outsourcing organization that ensures seamless billing process, efficient revenue generation at a cost effective solution. Sunknowledge Services Inc is the perfect solution with $7 per hour or 1.49%.

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