What is Your Roadmap in Orthotics Billing?

One of the biggest pain areas for an Orthotics supplier is finding an answer for its rising DSO’s and improper payments. Finding a cure for your front office worries will be a big relief. Already, the power mobility devices market is crippled with improper payments up to 47%. One of the biggest challenges for any Orthotics provider is a complete billing approach that paves the way for quicker reimbursement to flow.

A quality operational team that offers expertise, helps in focusing on care management better, someone who knows what it takes to improve your cash flow, will be a huge advantage. Driving your reimbursements will be streamlined and more effective if you find a reliable Orthotics billing company, that knows what it takes to transform your flow of revenue in the best possible manner. They will have the experience and skill to complement your billing approach and give it the right direction.

The Sunknowledge Answer for Increase in Cash

Over 100’s of client references and that too from the biggest and the best, Sunknowledge understands what it takes to offer a full service approach to your Orthotics billing. Also, we know it well what it takes to eliminate gaps in your present practice management standards and offer superior resources that have the highest productivity metrics in the entire RCM world of healthcare!

Reducing your costs in operations will be easy and hiring a team of resources that have reduced operational costs for some of the most reputed names across the DMEPOS space by as much as 75%, Sunknowledge has a unique approach in Orthotics billing which is quite rare in the market place.

At the end, all you need is someone who knows what it takes to offer dedicated support with an understanding of the adjudication mandates. We have a free 30 days and a no binding contract as well as a transition period offered which helps us work according to your protocols. We offer dedicated billers at 2.99% or $7/hour , a standalone as well as an end to end support which is rare in the marketplace.

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