Protect Your Revenue with Streamlined Urgent Care Billing

High patient visits are straining every urgent care clinic. On top of that, it is first time in the last twenty five years that rules around coding and documentation has been changed. Staff burn out is at its peak. It is critical to have the right measures in place that defines your urgent care billing in the right earnest.

  • Also, it is pertinent to have the right approach when it comes to looking after your patients and managing medical billing.
  • The average hiring of resources is standing at $4425 and it is almost taking more than a month to fill up critical positions.

It might take almost 12 weeks for a resource to become productive in the long run. Outsourcing of billing can be an excellent way to manage your rising overhead costs. However, the biggest challenge lies in finding someone that knows the in and out of urgent care billing.

The Sunknowledge Partnership

As a next gen RCM services company, we have defined ROI for the largest urgent care centers across the country. Presently, some of the top notch players in the urgent care center trust our incredible ability to offer customized support.

  • We have over 100 clients and have excellent references. Also, we have reduced operational expenses by almost 70% with our stand out presence.
  • If you want someone that can deliver you actionable support, partner with us now. We believe in working as your desired operational extension.
  • Partner with us as we cater complete urgent care billing at just $7 per hour. The best part, you get the highest productivity at the lowest price.

Speak to our experts now as we know how to elevate your ROI once and for all. Get to know why we are hailed as one of the best in the industry. Speak with a Sunknowledge urgent care billing expert and get to know how we accelerate your flow of cash in best proportions. We are just a call away from you and will define your cash flow with our streamlined urgent care billing.

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