Retain Patients with New Urgent Care Billing era

A lot has been discussed lately with the impact of this pandemic on the urgent care world. While some of you have cut off in hours, many were pushed to huge patient influx volume. Either way, there is no denying that urgent has changed with the patients expectations.

Nearly all patients have the potential of becoming a repeat patient in sometime. With testing for this looming pandemic waning, supplementing the revenue process with other types of visits is critical. Also, lackluster approach in front end efforts creates confusion in collecting revenue in the long run.

Aside from delivering timely care, it is critical to have the right impression and engagement with your patients. It can only be possible with a quality partner taking care of all your revenue goals with their streamlined presence. Outsourcing of urgent care billing has fast evolved over the last year as a solution for many clinics.

Sunknowledge has the ultimate approach in Urgent Care Billing

As a next gen urgent care billing company, our ability to offer quality support is second to none. Our team undergoes all the training needed, has the experience to work across all urgent care EMR systems with great expertise.

Our knowledge of delivering comprehensive support makes us a quality partner for the largest names in the country. With over 100 clients in the urgent care space, our niche presence makes us a reliable partner for the largest names in the country.

Our client references, testimonials are top class and we serve the largest in New York. Even at these testing times, we have been consistent and have been able to reduce their operational costs by 70%. We also have been successful and have increased our business by 25% as a urgent care billing powerhouse.

Hire us if you want a complete transformation in your cash reserves. At just 1.49% of collections , we make sure that all your money is recovered on time. Get in touch if you want a complete revamp of your pending bucket with our host of urgent care billing solutions.

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