Reduce Your Orthotics Billing Errors with Sunknowledge Services Inc

In healthcare practice, whether patients are using insurance or are paying their bills out of pocket, billing is an integral part of any practice.

Problems with medical billing:

Even though the billing process has been here for ages, still today we end up with various billing errors; mainly when the billers and coder end up entering an incorrect diagnostic code onto the bill. Moreover, incorrect documentation, untimely submission of claims etc are also reasons leading to billing errors; resulting in patients’ insurance companies rejecting their claims leaving you with complications. However, with Sunknowledge Services you no longer have to about your orthotics billing process.

How Sunknowledge Services Inc can reduce your Orthotics Billing error?

With a team of experienced billers and coder Sunknowledge Services Inc understanding the complete billing, mandates ensure 99.9% billing accuracy rate in all the billing and coding process. With the continuous follow-up and stringent checks in every process, our expert, in fact, put special attention in maintaining the correct codes and documentation. Furthermore, with doctor’s office follow-up, our billers also assist with stringent eligibility verification through online as well as calling; reducing the chances of denial and rejection.

Reducing the operational cost by 80% and taking care of all your orthotics billing responsibility, our experts ensure the highest collection rate in the market.

With a team of expert versatile across all major practice management software including Brightree, Bonafide, Universal, Fastrac, CPR+, Team DME, DME Works, Cortex EDI etc; Sunknowledge Services as RCM organization has a faster reimbursements and highest productivity metrics in the market.

In fact offering a seamless orthotics billing transaction, our complete standalone/ end to end services starts from:

Pre billing services:
♦ Entering all the information of patients, providers, insurance, items, etc correctly
♦ Eligibility verification for the orthotics billing process which is assisted by expert billers through online as well as calling
♦ Faster Prior authorization with patients calling and doctor’s office follow up for relevant documentation that needed for the process
♦ Re-authorization when necessary
♦ Confirmation of all the order
♦ Scheduling of the delivery

Post billing services:
♦ Claims management starting from timely claims submission, continuous follow-up etc
♦ Rejection management
♦ Payment posting auto with and without audit as well as manual
♦ Account receivable follow-up
♦ Account receivable and denial management

Providing a complete billing solution under one roof at a cost effective rate which is as low as $7 per hour, our other benefits that make the billing process seamless includes:

♦ Customized reporting according to client’s protocol
♦ $1 million liability insurance covered
♦ No binding contract with 30 days exit clause
♦ 100s of excellent client references with Billion dollars clients

For more information, get in touch with ur experts, we are just a call away!

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