How To Improve Profits with Streamlined DME Billing

Any DME business will always aim towards growth in revenue and lowering their DSO’s. The rise in aging population, increase in the use of respiratory devices during this pandemic is all fuelling the market for DME items and products.

Top-Class-Information-Security-Standards Suppliers now are looking to improve their patient loyalty and satisfaction program that will quicken the efforts in accelerating the ROI in best proportions. Low payments and changes in the regulations with Medicare and Medicaid are all creating huge challenges.


Customized-and-Scalable-SolutionsMore patients now have to pay out of pocket or are still in dark as how much they owe. As a supplier, the last thing you want is denial of your payments while you have made all the efforts to make the device available at the patient’s doorstep.


The need of the hour is to find a suitable DME billing vendor that can define your reimbursements once and for all. If you are a DME supplier who is confused with your inventory management and how to take care of the eligibilities and verifications, you are definitely not alone. You need the expert intervention of a quality partner that can eliminate all your pre and post DME billing worries. Some of the errors that can be resolved are:

Optimize Your DME Billing for Improved A/R Collections

Making a call for checking the valid insurance denials, enabling the verification process by choosing the correct EMR and going through payer portals for verifying the insurance coverage are all critical details that needs expert intervention.

It will mitigate all your denials and upgrade your practice management efforts for improved ROI. Also, it will reduce your front end errors paving the way for improved collections.

Affordable-rates-at-the-highest-productivityCollecting the copays on time: You can expect a drop in collection by almost 45% with a patient leaving the medical facility. You should always collect all your copays and coinsurance so that you don’t lose out anything. It actually defines how equipped your front desk is with managing everything from start to finish.

The right process will make your DME billing and coding process all the more stronger and helping you reach closer to your payments.

Affordable Pricing-01Managing pre billing: You must have a serious team working on the eligibilities, getting the authorization on time, entering the order and confirming it, checking with the doctor’s office. Making sure that no process loopholes begin at the pre billing part settles all doubts with payments. Setting the right benchmark is crucial with DME pre billing for improved payments to fall in place.


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