How To Ensure A Proactive DME Billing Performance

Many providers are experiencing a serious shortage of labor and the scenes aren’t different in the DME industry. Nearly all suppliers are challenged with front end issues like checking of eligibilities, working on prior authorization, making the order entries and confirmation and likewise.

A quality DME supplier understands what it takes to determine everything right from start to finish. If you are looking for a competitive vendor that can extend superior performance, chances are you may not know how to work on the same with consistency and stability.

Reducing your operational expenses is all about connecting the dots, working with someone that knows how to lower down expenses by almost 80%. At the end of the day, what you need is someone that can diminish gaps, resurrect your front and back end RCM mandates in best proportions. A dynamic DME billing company helps you achieve exactly that.

Assure It with Sunknowledge Trust

Over the last decade, our team of experts has been exceptional in generating quality performance for the biggest and the best. Moreover, we are different as we know how to work on your denials like none other. We have extensive experience in working with some of the largest names in the entire DME space and understand what it takes to eliminate proven pain points.

Our team understands how to deliver task specific responsibilities in checking of eligibilities, prior authorization, order entry, claims submission, payment posting, AR collections, DME coding and others.

Our team is currently working with the top names across the DMEPOS segment and has great credentials. Find out why we are masters in the world of DME billing and why are we hailed as the best in the business. We have more than 100 DME clients and can share excellent references. Let us work on your DME billing and coding while you take care of your patients.