Streamlined Support for Prior Authorization in DME Billing

Sunknowledge serves one of the best prior authorization services for DME billing. We render end to end practice management/ revenue cycle management support that will help you gain big with improved reimbursements in place. One of the distinct advantages of working with Sun Knowledge is our excellent credentials and our understanding of DME billing mandates better than any other medical billing company.

The destination for complete DME Billing

We offer a 360 degree purpose and lay down the right checks and balances in prior authorization in DME billing. Our streamlined support will be rendered with gathering of information, contacting the payer and auth initiation and update process on the billing software of the client.

We are one of the only companies that have the distinction of working with both payers and providers with admirable distinction. We guarantee you an exclusive team of DME billers ready to work with you for $7 per hour on a dedicated model. We will reduce your billing costs by 80% and improve your collections by 97%.

• We will better your denial management efforts by implementing excellent processes and expert resources that eliminate challenge areas in your DME billing with 100% HIPAA compliance.

• Our biggest asset will be working as your desired operational extension and provide you complete support and excellent output with tailor made DME billing services.

• Our team will be helping you develop strong reimbursement strategies with comprehensive AR analysis and collection process. In fact, our seamless prior authorization for DME billing only going to make your claims submission process clean and all the more transparent.

Get in touch with our experts and learn how to demystify your pain area in DME billing with our disciplined processes and resources that make your care management better and help you focus better on your patient care. Reach our team and get to know how Sunknowledge has been championing the cause of over 100 DME companies with excellent references.

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