Are You well Placed with Your HME Billing Mandates?

According to a recent news poll conducted by the HME, a surprising 90% conveyed that they are having difficulty in hiring new employees. Hiring customer service representatives are the ones with the most difficulty in hiring and that too for 72% respondents.

If you want a serious vendor that can deliver you the most important support, managing your HME billing, chances are you might not be finding the one that can do it all! Massive audits, cuts in reimbursements are not allowing enough margins to hire employees at competitive rates.

Healthcare workers are burnt out due to this pandemic and exploring the one that can add value can be a difficult find. At the end of it all, a quality HME billing partner can be a blessing for you in the long run. However, it all depends on how well planned you are with everything right from start to finish.

The Benefit of Working with Sunknowledge

The biggest advantage of working with us is our extensive understanding of the best practices of the HME billing industry. If you need immediate attention, facing short staffing issues and rising overhead costs, contact us for a seamless experience that will transform your HME billing once and for all. Over the years, some of the best in the business of HME have trusted us for multiple reasons. Our credentials, ability to deliver competitive support makes us a powerhouse in the world of HME billing.

Presently our team offers HME billing services at $7 per hour that eliminates practice management loopholes for the biggest. We have more than 500 clients all across the HME space and have excellent references. In fact, we have great success stories on how we have reduced operational expenses by almost 80% with our stand out presence.

Get to know from our experts on what difference we bring to the table! Our niche presence, ability to be versatile across multiple software systems is what that separates us from the rest. Speak to a Sunknowledge expert now and come to know about our HME billing plan.