How Do You Ensure Proficiency in Oxygen Equipment Billing

It is true that unlike any other Medicare, any oxygen equipment is always rented on a five-year cycle. Medicare will pay the supplier, a monthly rental fee for the first 36 months. There are always special rules for oxygen equipment rental, repairs and maintenance.

A patient after the 36-month rental period, does not pay rental fees although the supplier still owns the item. If the patient uses oxygen tanks or cylinders, they have to pay a 20% coinsurance for the item each month. Also, they are liable to pay a coinsurance each month for any needed maintenance during the additional 24 months.

Hence, it is pretty clear that the ground rules for oxygen equipment billing is different with purchase, maintenance and rental. What you need is a dedicated RCM partner with a complete understanding of Medicare billing requirements and policies of replacement.

Also, there are several areas to look at like the maintenance and servicing payments for certain oxygen equipment, contents and related supplies. Only, an experienced pool of medical billers and coders know what it takes to elevate your practice management efforts with streamlined oxygen equipment billing.

Sunknowledge Sets The Perfect Standards

As a next gen practice management destination, we know how to deliver actionable support. Presently, we are working with some of the best in the business. Our team believes in working as a complete extension of your existing operations, delivers unparalleled support at next door rates.

Also, we know what it takes to comply with Medicare Part B and even Medicaid adjudication mandates across States. We are also well equipped to handle any commercial plans and believe in driving ROI with synchronized oxygen equipment billing. Our ability to create the perfect ecosystem makes us a complete revenue cycle management destination for the biggest and the best.

Our team is perfectly aware of all Medicare oxygen guidelines 2020 and 2021 and promise to reduce your costs of operations by almost 70%. We do it all right from checking of your eligibilities, making sure all your prior authorization is on time, creating the order, confirming it, scheduling the delivery, contacting the physician office and so on. In fact, all these heavy lifting work will be performed by us. It is this what makes us unique in the entire RCM space.

Also, we deliver actionable support in all back end work that includes managing claim denials on time, collecting the aging accounts receivable , posting the payment. Schedule a no commitment call, get to know what makes us different in the RCM world.

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