Outsourcing Your DME Billing Services is The Right Tool for a Seamless Billing Operation

A seamless DME billing process is a huge challenge in today’s competitive billing industry if you do not have the right operational extension by your side. Overcoming issues like billing and coding errors, proper patient validation, rising DSO’s, pending A/R’s, submission of claims and delayed reimbursement at times stress out many in-house billers and coders. In fact, according to a study, the work pressure that in-house billers experience and their divided attention between patient care and billing process add up to a loss of 40% of the revenue.

Moreover, one of the biggest challenge nowadays is having an own team of experts billers and coders which is an immense high-priced operation. As healthcare providers not only have to think about the base employment fee but also about their training cost, medical benefits etc.

This is why today health care providers find outsourcing their DME billing services as the best alternative.

Even though a few decades ago the concept of outsourcing the DME billing services was considered to be a large overpriced business and waste of money; today the main reason for outsourcing one DME billing process is due to its cost-effective economical factor. In fact, outsourcing the DME billing process helps healthcare providers in preserving capital in the long run.

How outsourcing simplifies your DME billing process and helps you with faster reimbursement?

With team of experts billers and certified coders, outsourced Revenue Cycle Management organizations are always up to date with every recent and the ever changing billing regulation, coding rules; adhere to quality along with in-depth DME knowledge about all the documentation requirements. Hence, reducing the chances of errors in the DME billing and coding process.

Offering a faster reimbursement rate, the outsourced organization takes complete responsibilities of your billing process; starting from proper patient validation, eligibility for reimbursement, ensuring proper claims submission in a timely manner. In fact, for a seamless DME billing process, they offer:

 New Patient Order Entry
Prior Authorization
Doctors Office Follow-up
Claims Submission
Rejection Management
Payment Posting
Denial Management
Customer Service

Saving you from highly priced in-house billers and coders basis fee, their training cost, software installation fee, infrastructure, outsourcing your DME billing helps to reduce your operational cost in numerous ways. Giving special attention to proper patient’s validation, under coding, authorization and claims process; outsourcing your DME billing operation ensures stringent check along with continuous follow-up with the insurance authorities to get you paid on time. Setting a benchmark and working on your denial and aging account, there are many outsourced organizations that not only ensure 70% operational cost reduction but also have benefits like no binding contract, dedicated account manager with no additional cost and even liability insurance coverage of 2 Million Dollars, with a million-dollar coverage per incident.

Time to improve your DME ROI:

Identifying all your loopholes in the billing procedure and replace them with efficient processes, there are outsourced organization helping you with a seamless DME billing process along with financial upliftment.

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