How Important is Outsourcing of Urgent Care Billing at Present

Any urgent care practice will tell you that managing surging patient volumes is becoming a huge challenge for many. Today, it is all about effective patient engagement and if your patients do not know upfront on how much they owe, chances are they may never get back to your urgent care clinic. A lot of providers of urgent care services are now looking to manage their profits by deciding to outsource their urgent care billing process. A lot depends on the streamlined activities in urgent care and it is expected to reach a whopping $26 billion by 2023.

To have your reimbursements on track, you need the expert intervention of a quality urgent care revenue cycle management partner that can help you focus on your patients. At the end of the day, what you need is someone that can help you implement the right checks and balances in your urgent care medical billing process.

Checklists for Hiring The Ideal Urgent Care Billing Partner

So you have decided to outsource your billing and coding services to a competent vendor. The question is, how you opt for the best among many. What are the things that you should consider before hiring the perfect urgent care billing partner. Some of the things that you must investigate before partnering with some should be:

Accurate entry of data: Most challenges with any urgent care center starts at the front desk. The provider will be compiling all the available information on patients in a database which will be accessed by quality data entry team who will be working on the available information to avoid or negate any errors that can defy payments in the long run.

Claims Completion: Urgent care billing experts must have enough expertise to handle any billing systems that can offer the needed scalability and flexibility to handle all electronic or paper claims with consistency and ease.

Customized reports for practices: The urgent care billing partner must provide the needed customization based on the unique requirements of the client. All weekly, daily and monthly reports should be shared as per the required mandates.

Managing denials and filing appeals: The team of urgent care billers and coders should know the dynamics of claims adjudication

and should be filing appeals on the event of any denials or rejections. Also, the team must assess the root cause of the denials and should be offering support that eliminates any errors in future.

Following up on the claims: Persistent follow ups must be done to high dollar value accounts. Also, no write offs or adjustments should be done without the client consent. It will help the urgent care practice to focus a lot better on their patients and leave the worries of reimbursements with their billing partner.

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