Outsource Your DME Medical Billing with Sunknowledge and Earn More Than In-House Billing Option

Today the cost of handling the in-house billing department ends up to the amount of $118,000 per year, whereas with the outsourcing option, handling your billing and coding process the expense is only $4,000. In fact, further software and hardware cost, billers and coders training sessions etc adding up makes the in-house billing process further expensive; thus resulting in many healthcare practices opting for outsourcing their DME billing services. There is where Sunknowledge services can help.

Sunknowledge Services the future for seamless DME Medical billing practice:

Helping you with a complete DME billing, coding and collection process at only $7 per hour and saving your staff’s time.
Sunknowledge services Inc is a one stop DME medical billing destination. Ensuring the right checks and balances, our experts here deliver all the heavy lifting work that helps your practice with efficient cash flow in the long run.

With trained, experienced and dedicated billers and coding handling your medical billing, we not only provide better control over the revenue cycle management but also ensures faster reimbursements process.

Being one of the leading RCM organization in the DME space helping you with reduced operational expenses, increased revenue, our experts are equally proficient in all the billing software starting from Brightree, Fastrack, DME works, CPR + and many more. Being the ideal DME destination focusing heavily on pre-billing activities our service portfolio includes:

• New Patient Order Entry
• Prior Authorization
• Eligibility verification
• Doctors Office Follow-up
• Scheduling of the delivery

In fact, we also take complete responsibility of:
• Order Confirmation
• Claims management
• Rejection Management
• Payment Posting
• Accounts Receivables
• Denial Management
• Customer Service

Being one of the best DME billing destinations, our clients also get the added advantages of:

• Operational cost by 75%
• 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing and coding process.
• Highest collection rate
• 20% of internal audits conducted regularly without any additional charges for the services.
• No cost dedicated account manager offered to all our clients.
• Liability insurance coverage of 2 Million Dollars, with a million dollar coverage per incident
• No binding contract with the first thirty days at no charge

A solution to all your DME medical billing needs, we are just a call away!

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