Unparalleled Pre Billing Support with Complete Orthotics Order Entry Support

Powerful support in both pre and post billing, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers state of the art orthotics practice management support. Unlike any other RCM company, our team excels in delivering proactive support, delivers all the heavy lifting work that improves collections in the long run.

Our team is expert in all prominent software uses in the DMEPOS landscape. Moreover, with a pool of resources in Orthotics billing that accelerates your cash flow in the long run, we believe in working as your reliable operational extension.

Our team performs task specific responsibilities in: eligibility verification, prior authorization, and rejection management and accounts receivable collections. We provide all the support with Orthotics Order entry, insurance verification, doctor’s office follow ups and collections of all the relevant documents in time. We are unparalleled presently with the standards that we set in our productivity metrics and operational transparency.

Our team delivers the following services in Orthotics Order Entry:

♦ Rx Order Entry
♦ Patient demographics & insurance entry
♦ Product Code/Rx & Dx Entry
♦ Eligibility verification/Authorization
♦ Collection of complete Rx
♦ Collection of documents for Auth approval
♦ Submission
♦ Rejection/denial management
♦ A/R Follow-up

Partner with Sunknowledge: We are a next-gen DMEPOS billing company

Looking to know more how we can set the difference! We are just a call away! Our team will be happy to share with you, our functional best practices, credentials as a complete medical billing and collections company. We promise to reduce billing costs by 80% and offer a first pass rate of 97%.

Drive your ROI with the Sunknowledge advantage! We will be glad to share our best practices with you over a no commitment call. Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage and give us the opportunity to be your RCM partner. We can meet or beat any price in the market and promise you the best billing pre and post billing experience ever!

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