Tips To Overcome Your Orthotics Medical Billing Denial Rate

According to a study by American Medical Association’s (AMA), the denial rates of claims for major private payers ranged from 0.54% to 2.64% while Medicare denied ranged almost 5% of claims; resulting in delayed reimbursements rate.
Though today denial and rejection of claims are very common aspect, it can be avoided if careful attention is given like:

• Accurate and stringent check in documentation– having a complete and correct documentation that is required for the orthotics medical billing process not only reduces the chances of errors but also ensures a faster billing and coding process; saving a lot of time and money.

• Proper verification and eligibility process- the billers handling your orthotics medical billing process should not only ensure stringent check and re-check if the patient covered the services and is insured but also should be aware of everything being correctly incorporated.

• Experience coder and modifier required – a single missing code or incorrect modifier often leads to rejection or denied of claims resulting in not only loss of money but also time during the rework.

Certified coders here with proper coding knowledge not only reduce the chances of errors but also ensure a faster billing process. This is why today most of the healthcare providers are seen opting for outsourcing options.

Sunknowledge Services: The Perfect Outsourcing RCM Option for Your Orthotics Billing Services:

Providing unparalleled medical billing solutions for more than a decade, Sunknowledge Services Inc an outsourcing RCM organization today is the operational extension of the biggest orthotics billing company.

Assuring a proper check starting from data entry, eligibility verification process, claims management etc, Sunknowledge expert billers and certified coders are here taking care of your complete billing responsibility and ensuring a hassle-free orthotics billing services.

Offering a complete operational transparency and benefit like robust reporting according to the client’s protocol, our billers and coders not only to understand payer policies and regulatory requirements but also help in operational cost reduction by 80%. Working continuously on maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate as well as on the highest productivity metrics in the market; our expert helps you in focusing on more of patient care management.

In fact today we are known for our:

• Our rates which is as low as $7/hr
• The highest collection rate of 97%
• No cost dedicated account managers
• Experienced team in medical billing
• Proficiency across different billing software like Kareo, Future, Brightree and many more
100% HIPAA compliance

So if you are looking for an operational extension to reduce your orthotics medical billing denial rate with effective revenue generation and a seamless billing process, we are the perfect destination.

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