How Do You Improve Your Orthotics Billing Efforts?

DMEPOS suppliers are crippled with front desk issues with a major chunk of providers facing challenges in managing their DSO’s. It is quite difficult to find resources that can manage loopholes in processes, make sure that everything is in place for securing reimbursements in the right context. A lot of payment irregularities occur due to documentation errors, finding everything in place so that the authorization isn’t hindered at all.

Outsourcing has evolved as a prevalent option for most providers and a lot of Orthotics suppliers are looking for someone that can help them manage their pre and post billing efforts. Finding someone that can eliminate proven flaws in your practice management can be quite a task.

There are a lot of service players in the market which are offering Orthotics billing. However, hiring someone who takes pride in their excellent references and testimonials, working with the biggest and have great success stories will be a rare find.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: The Ultimate Guide

Offering the highest productivity metrics, excellent testimonials and references, a free transition and a customized approach, Sunknowledge holds the center stage when it comes to offering stand alone or end to end Orthotics billing support. We have been exceptional over the years in offering customized reporting and that too at just 1.49% or $7/hour with a no binding contract.

Already, we have been delivering actionable assistance and have a complete billing plan with tailored support in order intake and confirmation, doctor’s office follow up, eligibility checks and authorization, claims submission, denial management, A/R collections and payment posting. We are currently having a team which has proficiency across all major billing systems and can reduce your costs of operations by 75%.

Speak to a Sunknowledge expert to know what difference we bring to the table in Orthotics billing. We have a perfect plan to demystify all your challenge area and deliver support which is out of the box and flexible. Our ability to work as your operational arm is quite unique as we believe in delivering niche assistance at the lowest price in the market place.

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