Sunknowledge Services Inc: The Answer To All Your Orthotics Billing Complications

Being part of the DME, HME, orthotics billing, and other specialties too for more than a decade now have not only made our expert realized that every documentation in orthotics billing should clearly be stated all about the physical characteristic that requires the use of a custom-fabricated device instead of a prefabricated brace but also correct code is equally important for the orthotics products for seamless orthotics billing purpose. Since even a single mistake like if the custom-fabricated orthotics products are provided but the medical record does not document why that item is medically necessary, the orthotics device will be denied as not reasonable and unnecessary during its claims process during the orthotics billing process. This is why proper process knowledge and complete knowledge of updated codes are equally important while working on an orthotics billing process. However with Sunknowledge Services Inc, you longer have to worry any more.

Catering to all the data entry process carefully with the needed documentation, our experts for error free billing, in fact, adhere to these guidelines:

A prescription from the ordering physician dated prior to delivery date
Appropriate modifiers must be billed
Consideration of limitations based on the time period within which the item can be covered if supplied earlier. E.g. A pair of Orthotics shoes are covered per calendar year by Medicare
Letter of medical necessity and additional documentation may be required for some devices, e.g. PPR form for prosthetic devices, Diabetic Verification, and Form for diabetic patients etc.
Coverage for such equipment is subject to medical review by the payer

In fact for a seamless orthotics billing process, our experts maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate in the billing and coding process, further ensures in the components of Orthotics billing they follow:

Patient demographics & insurance entry
Provider information entry
Product code, Rx & Dx entry
Eligibility verification and authorization requirement inquiry
Rejection & Denial Management
A/R follow-up
Creation of claim after receipt of confirmation of delivery
Submission of EDI /paper claim to Payers

In fact partnering with us further gives you the benefit of:

Timely submission of claims with lesser errors
Robust reporting according to the client’s protocol
Highest first- pass collection rate
Even Liability insurance coverage of $1/3 million from Geico/Hiscox for any errors of Omission and Commissions
No binding contract

With excellent industry references across the US, we today are known as one of the leading RCM with the highest productivity metrics offering a cost effective rate of $7 per hour. If you are still worried about your orthotics billing complexities, we are the right person to help you out.

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