How To Optimize Your DME Billing Collections

Amidst the latest wave of the current pandemic, HME providers are critically understaffed and are finding it difficult to find resources to manage their workflow. Almost 42% of the respondents believe that 6% to 10% of their current staff is in quarantine.

Another 23% contesting the poll complained that 11% to 20% of their staff remains indoors. Experts do not expect the number to go up any soon in the coming days. Service and delivery techs are in serious trouble due to understaffing challenges.

As a DME provider, finding resources to manage your front and back end efforts at these difficult times is a huge challenge. Making sure that all your inventory management work is in place, maintaining top class standards with productivity and order processing is a top priority. Outsourcing of DME billing appears to be a pertinent option to many.

What Makes Sunknowledge Different

We are unique with our versatility, competence to deliver actionable support at a difficult time with consistency. Our ability to work as a reliable operational extension is what defines our niche presence as a next gen RCM services company.

The biggest advantage of working with us will always be our experience and over 100’s of references only across the DMEPOS space. In fact we work across all product lines and are versatile across all major practice management systems like Brightree, CPR+, Fastrack, Bonafide, Team DME, DME Works, Cortex EDI and several other software’s), deliver actionable intelligence that helps reduce your on boarding process significantly.

Let our team work on your DME billing and coding while you take care of your patients. We are preferred partners with some of the largest names in the world of DME/HME supplies. Get to know what makes us a special partner to some of the largest names and how we resolve their business challenges, reimbursement gaps and rising DSO’s with our specialized presence.

Don’t hold back to fall back on your competitive advantage! Speak to our team and come to know how we transform your DME billing requirements.

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