How Powerful Medical Coding Impacts Collections

While it is also involved with insurance reimbursement, medical coding is a little different as there are unique codes for both medicinal and diagnosis procedures. The translation of the diagnosis as well as the procedures into these universal codes allows the healthcare provider to process all the bills correctly.

In short, every patient that visits a hospital or a medical facility has information that needs proper documentation. It also implies that patients aren’t left paying more for a procedure than they shouldn’t. Entering the data and the proper codes into a medical office’s database or a hospital comprises of a critical responsibility in a medical coders life cycle.

To plan better for your reimbursement, it is pertinent for you to have the right priorities in place. A streamlined process in medical coding sets the benchmark to an improved reimbursement process to fall in place. All of this has a key contribution in the entire revenue cycle management process for a healthcare provider.

The Sunknowledge Trust in Improving ROI

Our team extends unparalleled support with a range of services in medical coding. We work for a number of Surgery Centers, Labs, Urgent Care centers, emergency services and many more. We have a robust process in place that allows our medical coders to stay updated with the changing mandates and regulations with ICD standards.

With procedure codes over 70,000 and 69000 diagnosis codes, the job of a medical coder is not at all easy. All we need is a superior pool of medical coding experts that can deliver actionable support. Sunknowledge excels in offering you the highest productivity standards in delivering you with error free charge sheets within agreed TAT. In fact, we are masters in monitoring, analyzing and improving the documentation for coding that accelerates reimbursements in the long run.

Most of the top tier companies are charging almost $30 per hour for a medical coder. We offer a dedicated pool of medical billers that will be ready to work for you at $7 per hour without any additional charges. Speak to a Sunknowledge expert and come to know how we define your medical coding services.

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