Medical Billing Services – Why Should You Outsource to Us

If you are looking to outsource your medical billing functions then you must keep your primary focus on revenue recovery and reduction in operational costs. These are the key reasons for care providers wanting to hire professional medical billing services. Needless to say, as a practice manager, you will obviously look for a medical billing service that will provide the maximum of services at the most reasonable rates. If you have searched well enough, you know that you haven’t found any better than Sunknowledge. You are experienced, you are smart, and you know just the things why we score over other medical billing services. To put across some of the points on, which you have pondered to keep us on the priority list:

Best Referrals: You will look for medical billing services that can provide you excellent referrals from physicians, bringing you new business. Sunknowledge Services Inc. provides you 100s of referrals across the country in different streams of healthcare practices.

Accurate and efficient services: Accuracy in obtaining and conveying information and data is one the key reasons behind reducing rejections and improve claim settlement. Our billing experts work dedicatedly for you to arrange and obtain accurate and complete info and collect timely payment from all third party payers and patients leveraging the latest technology. Our experts are well versed with the ICD-10 coding, updated with the latest regulatory changes and compliance regulations from the insurance carriers.

Flexibility: This is a very important factor to save you from unnecessary spending on seeking external medical billing assistance. It’s more relevant if your practice is not so large. For example, if you are worried about a single service like prior authorization and would not want to spend for a bigger package and end up spending more. Sunknowledge Services Inc. provides you standalone services at true low prices, helping you to select according to your need budget. We work with the latest EHR, EMRs, and other electronic platforms as well in the traditional manual mode as when required by the client.

Even after considering the above points, you can only completely rely on your choice if it is giving some extra edge. That is exactly where we leap ahead of our competitors. We provide you cutting-edge services to the likes of comprehensive, end to end revenue cycle management and practice management solutions to maintain a seamless healthcare management. These are just a snapshot of the types and level of services we offer. Our sincerity to our profession and commitment to our clients can be understood from the fact that we cover our clients from any error and omission from our end with the help of Hiscox Insurance. To know more about the exciting advantages you will have in working with us, get in touch with us at the earliest.

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