Is Outsourcing Medical Billing Services a Powerful Idea

As businesses look to emerge after this pandemic, almost any healthcare provider will tell you that finding workers handling administrative tasks are quite difficult. Limited employees handling your front desk will eventually mean lower patient intake. Staffing solutions are a huge problem area for providers as well as vendors offering medical billing services. While you understand that managing your claims in house is quite a challenge, outsourcing of your medical billing worries to a competent partner may emerge as an excellent idea.

However, it can be quite confusing for you to look for someone that can deliver it all especially at these testing times. It all comes down to implementing the checks and balances, looking at the client references that will make matters work out for you in the long run. Also, the primary approach should be to reduce your overall operational expenses.

The Sunknowledge story in Medical Billing Services

One of the distinct advantages of working with us is our excellence and expertise to handle any specialty billing with confidence. Our team of over 2500+ employees is working for the top hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, primary care clinics, physicians, DME companies, Orthotics & Prosthetics providers, Radiology and Dermatology practices, Cardiology centers and many more. We have reduced expenses, eliminated process loopholes with our streamlined presence.

Our list of Services encompass
▪ New patient Entry
▪ Eligibility and Benefits Verification
▪ Prior Authorization
▪ Medical Coding
▪ Claims Submission
▪ Rejection Management
▪ Payment Posting
▪ Accounts Receivables Follow-up
▪ Denial Management
▪ Customer Service

At just $7 per hour, with our dedicated resources, we make sure that all your money is in safe hands. Our niche presence, capability of working with all kinds of providers and payers makes us a world class medical billing services company.

We know what it takes to drive ROI for the best with our streamlined presence. The best part is that we believe in working as your ultimate operational extension. Even at these extraordinary times, we are able to extend all support with great trust and credentials. Our 100’s of references is a testimony to it.

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