Sunknowledge: Superior Denial Management Makes us Your Medical Billing Destination

The vital stages of patient eligibility verification, claims submission, accounts receivable recovery with effective denial management is crucial to the financial health of a practice. The widely expected tax reforms billing with the “entitlement reform” will go to extent of threatening Medicare.

One thing is for certain: Medicare and Medicaid cuts are coming! With as high as 25% of the work performed by medical practices going unpaid, it is going to further nail it down to a provider’s approach to better practice management/revenue cycle management.

A Successful Denial Management Approach

To know why your patient claim has been denied in the first place is important to maximize your revenue and prevent future claims to fall into the same trap. Keeping your denial management process organized will happen if you start losing track of your denied claims.

  • If it is a recurring issue, it is going to be a huge setback and you have a serious problem in hand! A powerful combination of state of the art platforms with competitive resources that raise the bar with complete medical billing will be the immediate need. Tracking your progress and completing the process of claim denials in time will need an expert intervention!

Manage your Accounts receivable with the Sunknowledge Services Inc. advantage!

Sun Knowledge is your one-stop destination when it comes to unparalleled medical billing support! We are perfectly equipped to handle constantly changing rules and complicated processes with insurance. Our idea will be simple!

  • To work as your operational extension, provide you a combination of processes, a team of medical billers, coders that define your reimbursements in the best possible manner.
  • Our understanding of claims adjudication mandates comes from incorporating the best practices of some of the leading payers of the country. We are currently partners with them and provide our competitive insights into the adjudication process.
  • Sun Knowledge will provide a full range of denial management support including AR follow-ups, claims status checks, preparing appeals letter and all that you need it to ensure effective payments to take place.

We guarantee you a billing cost reduction of 80%, collection improvement of 97% and powerful account management support. Alongside our medical billers available to work for you at just $7 per hour on a dedicated model, you will also be entitled to the benefit of dedicated account managers for complete information on your accounts.

Our 100% RCM assistance program will also give you the access to our very own telemedicine platform that will increase your patient inflow, ensure proactive care. Get in touch with us, contact our references and know our functional best practices and credibility as a next-gen medical billing company!

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