Stand Alone/ Integrated Approach in Medical Billing Services: Sunknowledge Leads

Sun Knowledge is the only Practice Management / Revenue Cycle Management company with a very own Telemedicine platform to be working for both major Payers like HealthCare Partners and Heritage Provider Network and Providers like Hospitals, Orthotics-Prosthetics & DME companies, Nursing Homes, Urgent Care Centers and more, across the US, with equal success!

We help our clients leverage this dual exposure and get a unique edge in making their business more successful in a much shorter time. Some of the key facts on our medical billing services are :

• HIPAA compliance (Complete Data and Document Security)
• Secure Information & Data Flow between Sunknowledge and our partners enabled with reliable networking software & hardware (includes secured Virtual Private Networks and FTP sites)
• Claims are submitted through EDI clearing house
• All low pay and no pays reports are sent to the client/AR team on a day-to-day basis
• Work on re-processing of the denied claims starts immediately after receipt of ERA
• ERAs are posted to the respective patients’ accounts
• Quality check is conducted at all stages of process
• Turn Around Time for this process is 24 – 48 hours

Key advantages with our stand alone/ end to end medical billing services

We are the only healthcare revenue cycle management company, providing tailored support, eliminating proven challenges in your aging accounts receivable bucket with our specialized intervention.

Very Little Risk
• Proven track record in providing healthcare BPO/KPO services
• Experienced in providing services to both payers and providers
• Experienced working with various software platforms
• Quick and efficient resource for special projects requiring technical and process expertise

Significant Upside Potential
• Great understanding of the Health Care industry. Operation scale-up with a short notice.
• Extremely competitive rates, greater productivity, improved quality, increased member and provider satisfaction

Proven process performance
• Low denial rate  increase in revenue collection
• Claims Processing: Accuracy > 98%; TAT: 5 – 10 days
• Contact Center: Abandonment Rate < 2%, ASA within 30 Seconds for 90% of calls, High CSAT
• High accuracy in Eligibility data maintenance – in sync with CMS

Clear Communication And Quick Response Time At All Times

End user data privacy and protection

We are just a call away! Our experts will provide you a complete demonstration on our functional best practices. Let Sunknowledge Services Inc work as your ultimate medical billing services partner and we ensure you of seamless communication standards, great resources for an improved cash flow.

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