Sunknowledge Services Inc Helps with Improved Infusion Billing Operation

Today in 2021 the healthcare perspective has not only seen many changes but it is also a fortunate year for outsourcing organizations. This is because with 2020 many healthcare providers have not only been seen struggling through severe financial losses but also experienced suffering due to lack of resources, lack of experienced billers and coders due to the crisis situation where social distancing was the norm etc. However, apart from the above reasons, the year 2021 is further the year for outsourcing organization because of:

Rising healthcare cost
Increase in the billers and coders wages

And with the ever changing rules and regulations, finding the perfect team of experienced billers and coders for infusion billing is quite a challenging and expensive affair. This is where Sunknowledge Services Inc can help.

Benefits of Sunknowledge Services Inc. as Infusion Billing Operational Extension:

Ensure a seamless and efficient revenue generation – with experienced billers and coders working for faster reimbursement rate, our experts identifying all the root causes of your billing and coding issues enhancing performance further by working continuously for process improvement through continuous follow-up, timely claims submission etc. Dealing with your aging accounts, our experts do not do unnecessary write-offs or make any adjustments with the accounts without the client’s approval. Assisting you in recovering your lost revenue that you never knew existed, we today are known for excellent productivity standard at $7 per hour which is the cheapest in the industry and also excellent client testimonials across the US.

Helps you in cost control – helping you with factor like cost control and significantly saving you from employee training session, employments perks etc; our experts further take down your burden of infusion billing software solution additionally saving your billers ample amount of time, as it involves properly understanding on the provider’s part which involves documentation management, patient’s intake, physician notes and many other aspects. In fact, reducing your operational cost by 80% our experts further work on getting your practice the highest collection.

Ensures complete operational transparency – today a healthcare practice does not have a fixed patient volume for reason like if the non-emergency procedure will be canceled etc; with all this uncertainty, our experts not only take the complete responsibility but under uncertainty circumstances immediately scale up or down as the volumes shift reducing the amount of extra overhead cost while maintaining 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing and coding process.

Taking your complete infusion billing responsibility, so that you can focus on your core work of patient care, Sunknowledge Services Inc being is one of the leading RCM solution offer quality RCM service that exhibits excellence. For more information on how we being part of your operational extension can improve your practice, call us right away!

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