How To Tap The Ideal HME Billing Partner

So you are stuck with your reimbursements! What should be your next step? Finding a synchronized partner knowing it all can extend the right support. At the end, all you want is to focus on your patients, take care of all logistics support without worrying about payments from your HME claims. Precisely, outsourcing of HME billing has evolved as a preferred medium for many providers. During this pandemic, a lot has happened with digital transformation. If you want a consistent partner that can create the right ecosystem with your RCM efforts, hiring a trained pool of HME billers and coders will be ideal.

However, in house staff hiring can be tricky at these times and also can be heavy on your pocket. Reducing your costs in operations remains a pertinent area of concern for a lot of providers. So how will you do a quick introspection on what is required in your preferred HME billing partner?

The Sunknowledge Assistance

Serving the leading HME suppliers and providers of the country, we are your ultimate destination for it all! Our team delivers actionable support that meets any claims adjudication mandates in HME billing that secures all your payments in the long run.

We reduce all your operational costs by 80% with our stand out presence. At the end, what you need is someone that can eliminate your heavy lifting front end work, helping you focus on your patients that take care of all your inventory and order management priorities.

With a keen focus on quickening your cash reserves, our team promises you a collection which is unheard of in the HME billing service provider landscape. We have a story to share with you that can give you a complete understanding on how we cater uncompromising support at next door rates. At just $7 per hour, we make sure that none of your accounts remain unsettled.

Want to have a discussion! Don’t hold back as we believe in working as your dedicated extension offering state of the art support in HME billing that improves all your cash reserves.

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