How Independent Practice Associations Achieve Financial Excellence

Independent practice associations are an entity with physicians or practitioners that contracts with multi specialty practices providing services to managed care organizations. It can also deal with a primary care provider helping them with solutions in healthcare. The main objective remains in implementing programs or practices that helps in bringing about a positive change. Common priority will be reviewing compensation with the insurance companies. They act as a major facilitator between the payer and the provider enhancing their business model.

One of the key attributes with any IPA is to exert an influence for a collective change in the medical community. They need better models of financial practices that help in upgrading billing methods. Also, IPA’s will evaluate the coding process that helps with transparency in the procedure and diagnosis metrics. Outsourcing has evolved as a great option for IPA’s that are seeking their party introspection. Often, a billing company with quality checkpoints in place is a blessing in disguise! While it assures the IPA’s about consistent processes, it also ensures better discourse in practice management.

Cost cutting is a significant advantage in partnering with revenue cycle management companies. The resources are competitive with distinct methodology providing customized solutions. They revamp the entire relationship management outlook with insurers. Medical coding malpractices are removed helping IPA’s provide stand alone services to their clients in an effective manner. Provider support is the buzzword and the revenue cycle management companies add to it.

Looking at the present business dynamics, it is quite clear that the IPA vendors will need an external strategic partner that will help them provide out of the box revenue management solutions to practices. Managing the overall business profits with a fair procedure should be the key. The modern revenue cycle management companies provide a holistic idea that is worthy of applause!


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