How To Enhance Your Hospital Prior Authorization Process?

Apart from services rendered in an emergency setting, nearly all outpatient and inpatient procedures require some form of prior authorization. High patient intake is a huge responsibility for any multispecialty hospitals.

  • Cumulative wait times with physicians and patients are rising by the day. One of the biggest challenges that have come forth after the pandemic is over is lack of resources that can manage everything in hospital prior authorization process.
  • Presently, finding enough resources is a pain for many hospitals. Also, rising denials, backlogs due to faulty front end errors is a major hindrance for many. The biggest responsibility for a hospital is to extend complete patient care as well as reduce gaps in realizing payments and collections.

A lot depends on how you reduce your practice management errors with a genuine vendor that understands how to deliver true value in hospital prior authorization, setting the benchmark for improved ROI in the long run.

What Makes Sunknowledge Indispensable

If you are looking for comprehensive visibility in your hospital prior authorization process, look no further than Sunknowledge. At present, we have expert resources that can manage everything right from start to finish.

Also, our team knows how to reduce operational expenses by almost 80% with our dedicated intervention. We have a complete pool of prior authorization experts that understands what it takes to define your revenue earning possibilities in the right manner. Also, at just $7 per hour, we make sure that none of your money is lost due to faulty front end efforts in the long run.

We do it all right from verifying the eligibility and benefits, initiating the auth request, following up with the payers, contacting the respective department or physician office, obtaining and acknowledging the authorization process and scheduling the procedure for the same.

Hire us now and experience a hassle free hospital prior authorization process like never before. Speak to an expert now and know more on what makes us a pioneer in the world of revenue cycle management services in the healthcare space.