Surefire Ways To Boost Your HME Medical Billing Collections

The major pain point at present for a lot of HME suppliers is an answer to their rising DSO’s. In fact, improving logistics has to do a lot with investment and rising costs in operations are a major setback for many. At the end, all you need is someone that can elevate your front end efforts, help you take care of your inventory management a lot better.

Right from the beginning, a lot of suppliers offering home medical equipment services face gaps with the heavy lifting work. Entering the order, confirming it on time, checking the eligibilities, securing the authorization, following up for the documents with the prescribing physicians are so critical in setting the right benchmark.

Creating the perfect ecosystem that drives ROI, eliminating practice management loopholes is all about finding the right vendor that can offer streamlined support. The biggest worry at present is finding partners that can offer synchronized support at next door rates.

What Makes Sunknowledge Special

Over the last decade, we have been terrific in recovering pending collections, working with some of the largest HME companies with great references. We are one of the only RCM companies that offer a full service approach as well stand alone.

Our services include both coding and billing at 2% of collections or $7 per hour, we define your HME medical billing collections in the best possible manner. We have a niche presence, offer the highest productivity metrics even today and believe in working as a reliable operational extension for the largest names in the industry.

So what’s holding you back! Schedule a no commitment demonstration with one of our experts and know how we cater exceptional HME medical billing services all under one roof. We take pride in our client feedbacks and how we serve them. Sunknowledge promises to reduce all your operational costs by 70% and offer customized support.

We are just a call away from you! Speak to us and we will revamp your entire RCM efforts for sure! We deliver where others fail at this testing pandemic times.

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