Sunknowledge Services Inc: We are Your Healthcare Accounts Receivable Partner

Sunknowledge Services Inc helps in with dual exposure, a unique edge in making your business more successful with our stand alone/ end to end medical billing action plan. We have the unique distinction of working with both healthcare payers and providers and currently working with leading Hospitals, Orthotics-Prosthetics & DME companies, Nursing Homes, Urgent Care Centers and more, across the US.

Process Overview: Accounts Receivable Recovery

♦ Our A/R follow-up service is designed to increase the Revenue Collection for our clients.
♦ The process begins after the Provider creates and sends Health Insurance Claims (Electronic/Paper claims or Manual HCFA forms) to various Insurance Companies.
♦ Depending on the transmission type and length of time since submission, we begin our follow-ups.

Sunknowledge Services Inc reduce you’re A/R; improve the probability of payment by increasing the collection ratio with a timely follow up process. We guarantee an instant reduction of your billing expenses by 70% and a collection increase of 97%. We address all the pertinent reasons for denials:
♦ Authorization Issues
♦ Referral Issues
♦ Medical Necessity and Medical Records requests
♦ Non-Participation with Insurance Network
♦ Terminated Insurance
♦ Coordination of benefits
♦ Wrong Diagnosis
♦ Inclusive Procedures
♦ Partial Payments
♦ Out-of-network claim status and deductibles
♦ EDI Rejections
♦ No status and No claim on File
♦ PIP cases

Key highlights of our value proposition
♦ Reduction in accounts receivable by 30% within 1 month
♦ Accounts Receivable recovery cost starts from 4% of collections
♦ Expert handling of accounts receivable by highly experienced staff
♦ Demonstrated expertise in working on difficult-to-recover aging A/R
♦ Same attention to every cash amount regardless of its size or source
♦ Over 7 years’ experience in claim adjudication for major US insurance plans

Want an expert to let you know about our references, case studies and how we deliver power packed solutions in accounts receivable, we are just a call away! Let our team share with you, our best practices, credentials as a gen next medical billing and collections company. Sunknowledge Services Inc will demystify challenge areas in your accounts receivable bucket with our superior support.

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