Smarter and Faster Urgent Care Billing Like Never Before

The more time that you spend on your urgent care billing, the less time you have for growing your clinic. Trust the Sunknowledge advantage as your RCM partner. All that we do is complete urgent care billing for you!

We have excellent references from leading urgent care centers who have benefited greatly by working with us. Our team is trained to provide you all the support that you need for an improved cash flow and providing you a dedicated team that can assist you in focusing on your patient care in the best possible manner.

Our resources are perfectly equipped to handle any urgent care practice management systems and perfectly integrate to offer a seamless practice management experience. We have the solution so smart that our urgent care billing takes care of most challenges as we believe in working as your ultimate operational extension.

Leverage the Urgent Care Billing opportunity from us

Under the “avoidable ER program”, thousands of claims got denied last year, an encouragement to reduce the use of emergency departments. It eventually implies that there will be a higher volume of patients looking for treatment in the urgent care centers. As a provider, to ensure due cognizance in your urgent care billing is going to be crucial.

Our expertise stems from the proficiency in understanding the immediate claims adjudication mandates of the industry. Also, we are far ahead with our pricing standards and quality assurance.

Some of the top reasons why we are the best when it comes to handling your Urgent care claims are:

♦ We guarantee collections of up-to 97% even from ageing accounts receivable.
♦ Instant reduction of 80% in your operations cost. No FICA, paid holidays, medical benefits etc.
♦ Customized reporting on a daily basis
♦ 99% billing and coding accuracy
♦ Customized reporting on a daily basis
♦ No write offs or adjustment on claims without your consent
♦ Dedicated account managers providing you end to end support
♦ We charge only $7 per hour per FTE (Lower than minimum wages).
♦ No binding contracts
♦ We have extensive experience in working on several industry standard practice management using any billing system as preferred by the client.
♦ Excellent references from industry peers

Want to speak to our experts? Let us share our ideas over a no commitment call and will be happy to demonstrate how we plan to work as your urgent care billing partner and deliver cutting edge assistance.

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