Introduce Unparalleled Expertise in Your HME Billing

Low wage workers and perks for the blue collar labor is gaining importance at this post pandemic emergence. Also, people are looking to leave jobs and find new ones are quickly becoming the way of the game.

Managing your logistics with patient supplies can be done with workers around. But to induce the right processes to manage your entry of orders on time, doing the work with getting the authorization approvals, it needs different people.

The gaps at the front end work slowly starts to become bigger before you realize. The results gets ominous with rising daily sales outstanding numbers. You need a quality partner that can help you in managing everything.

The challenge is experience and consistency! In fact, outsourcing of your HME billing can be a tricky choice for you as a supplier. Deciding to opt for the right one can help you earn dividends, huge benefits with collections. Also, it helps you take care of the rest with so much ease.

Sunknowledge will Make it Easier for You

Top class references, great credentials , ability to offer streamlined support at next door rates, we know what it take to deliver it all. With an experienced pool of world class resources , our team understands your HME billing challenges. Creating the perfect ecosystem will be our responsibility. As an expert in catering both front end and back end support .we make sure how to eliminate your practice management solutions once and for all.

We take pride in offering you world class standards, quality HME billers and coders that knows it all. Right from delivering all the support in eligibility checks, prior authorization, order entry , doctors office follow ups , we also extend all the needed support in claims submission, denial management, payment posting and accounts receivable collections.

Our experts will be happy to share our best practices, idea of working out the perfect plan for you. We have the edge in delivering you all of HME billing at just $7 per hour. Reach us out now as we give you a roadmap to reduce your overall operational expenses by 70%.

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