Sunknowledge Services The Expert in The HME Billing Process

A HME billing challenge has always been an inevitable affair and is also one of the reasons why healthcare practices are every day accomplishing and moving beyond traditional data analysis to more powerful outcome-based analytics like outsourcing their RCM.

Moreover, the rising U.S. healthcare costs are pressuring payers to provide cost-effective services and improved member experiences, which is only possible while outsourcing. As today having a team of experienced billers and coders handling your HME billing is a far more costly affair and as in-house billers tend to juggle between works it often results in delay in the complete billing process and also in reimbursement rate. This is where Sunknowledge Services comes in.

Sunknowledge: Key Towards Successful HME Billing Operation:

While reducing costs, streamlining operations and improving member experiences, Sunknowledge Services today is known for:

Highest productivity metrics in the market with excellent industry references
Reducing the healthcare practice costs by 80 percent and streamlining operations
Helps you gain greater data transparency and stronger partnerships
Excel in providing new opportunities and solution that improve member experiences

In fact, catering to all the HME billing requirement, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is a complete RCM model which offers the complete support setting a benchmark in providing customized billing solutions with faster reimbursements rate. Being proficient in different billing software like Brightree, Kareo, Fastrack, DME works, CPR + and many more; make our experts one step ahead in achieving seamless billing operation. With the right checks and balances and understanding all the industry mandates, we further ensure an accuracy rate of 99.9% reducing the chances of any kind of denial and rejection of claims due to billing and coding errors. With the right no cost dedicated account manager helping you out with complete HME billing assistance and customized reporting by providing a complete operational transparency, Sunknowledge experts further eliminating proven pain points in RCM delivering a better ROI for your practice.

In fact, today providing a complete end to end/standalone billing services at a cost effective rate of $7 per hour and benefits like liability insurance coverage of 2 Million Dollars, with a million dollar coverage per incident and no binding contract etc made us the perfect solution/robust redundancy plan for any medical billing crisis/situation.

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