Exclusive DME billing plan to suit your needs

Each provider or supplier of DME services or items have unique protocols and practices. A reliable DME billing provider believes in working as a complete extension of your existing operations. Believing in offering a range of support on a customized basis, a proper company should be able to extend remote assistance with the help of state of the art processes. Right from accessing your data base or PHI, offering all the support with heavy lifting pre DME billing work, the right service provider should be able to offer you a streamlined approach!

What are the areas do you need Immediate Attention?

Verification of eligibility: Finding the written prescription, verifying the eligibility of the patient to receive a particular treatment.

Prior Authorization: Submitting the documents that prove the medical necessity and getting it approved before delivery of the item to the patient. Delivering the item before authorization us received will result in a denial of payment for the service done by a DME supplier.

Doctor’s office follow-up: Getting all the documents on time from the physician office, what are the details shared by the therapist, if there are any missing links with information, getting everything in place so that the delivery can be scheduled on time and with compliance.

Order Entry: Entry of patient demographics, closing the order and doing all the needed work with entering the details of the patient and the item to be delivered.

How will the later part of DME Billing Approached?

Denial Management: All the denials, reasons for rejections will be tracked and followed up. Any process loopholes with documentation errors will be checked during the refiling process that mitigates chances of any errors with reimbursements again.

Accounts receivable collections: All high priority accounts in the range of 60, 90 or 45 will be targeted on the basis of compliance and timely filing limits. Any challenges with recovering accounts that are aging will be resolved with proven experts working on the recovery process, experienced in dealing with high dollar value accounts.

Payment Posting: Any reconciliation, entering the details for the payables to look transparent is the final gateway to streamlined DME billing. Payment posting is a critical aspect which if neglected can result in money leakage and inconclusive AR reports.

Expertise in handling multiple software systems

Outsourcing of DME billing often looks to be an excellent strategy for the suppliers. It gives them the leeway to focus on patient care, get paid for their services on time, know worries with rising DSO’s and finding a team accustomed to handle all challenges as well as working at next door rates. With their experience of working with multiple systems, their easy accessibility helps in transforming your DME billing mandates.

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