Ensuring Best Practices in Prior Authorization for Dermatology

Every year, dermatology practices prescribe thousands of prescriptions requiring Prior Authorization! Obtaining it is a challenge especially with the patients who are looking to seek proper medications. The job of a dermatologist also gets confusing as lot of them does not understand the specifications of insurance with their new modifiers.

The authorization process also helps the process of the right selection of drugs that the payers address during their claims adjudication process. There are certain guidelines laid that are thought to be the best alternative for a health condition.

There are changes happening all the time that an in-house team might be unaware of! Also, any medical billing team both in-house and off-shore need to stay ahead with the amendments that impact practice management.

In either ways, reducing TAT and errors in first time PA requests optimizes revenue cycle management methods of a healthcare practice. Dermatology service providers must look for effective processes and a competent team that will improve their financial credibility and simultaneously remove doubts from the patient’s mind about the prescribed form of treatment.

A comprehensive back-end team equipped with disruptive technology that upgrade processing of PA requests is the way forward for all!

While looking for a partner, your first prerogative should be to look for a vendor that understands practice administration process.

Credentialing and adjudication requirements are different with payers and a good revenue cycle management company will ensure required checks and balances. Prior authorization for dermatology services has more to do with prescription and drug coverage benefits check.

Reducing timelines with cost effective solutions reducing billing costs admirably should be the strategic outlook for any provider. A competent vendor that is willing to ensure better pre-authorization will give your medical claims a road-map ahead. They will reduce your AR days and also help you achieve business excellence.

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