What Inspires A Cutting Edge Medical Billing Process?

It is true that out of pocket expenses have risen drastically due to increasing price in healthcare and also insurance cost sharing requirements. As a result of this, nearly one third of US residents have serious trouble paying their medical bills even if they have insurance.

A recent study clearly estimated that it is difficult for physicians to accurately determine out of pocket expenses of their patients. Only 21 percent according to the study are those who were able to correctly estimate patient out of pocket expenses.

As non compliancy still continues, CMS will surely increase the penalties under the 2022 Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System and also Ambulance Surgical Center payment system final rule.

It is quite clear that as a provider, you have to induce the right measures that define your ROI possibilities once and for all. Also, reducing your operational expenses becomes a priority that can happen with outsourcing of medical billing services.

The Sunknowledge assurance

The biggest attribute of working with Sunknowledge is their extensive experience, great consistency in delivering quality care with precision. Our versatility, ability to offer customized support separates us from any other revenue cycle management company in the healthcare space.

Also, our extensive experience of working out a perfect plan to handle all your pre and post medical billing services is what defines our presence. We have reduced operational costs by 70% with our stand out support.

At a time, with a lot of confusion around in finding resources coupled with rising minimum wages and higher salary demand, we offer streamlined support in medical billing services at just $7 per hour. Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage right now.

We know how to eliminate any process gaps and help you stand a competitive edge at these tough times. Our experts will be more than happy to share our client references, ability to work as a reliable operational arm. Partner with us as we make sure how we cater streamlined support to the best.

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