Top Reasons To Choose A Dynamic HME Billing Partner

Rising operational expenses has hit the market of durable medical equipment very hard. Medicare Advantage plans have grown from 20 million and will be covering a 50% penetration and will be 38 million by the end of 2025.

  • It often reimburses lower than several other plans. Increasing patient responsibility is critical to bring payment. It gives an advantage to providers to attend their bottom line.
  • As a HME supplier, you have to bring in better amenities with patient engagement efforts.
  • Rising operational expenses are a huge hurdle for any provider of healthcare provider. Searching expert resources that can handle your HME billing is problematic to manage.
  • At the end, what you want is a consistent partner that can optimize your ROI possibilities in best proportions.

However, you have to invest in proper methods that will allow you to work with the ideal partner that can manage your HME billing plans. It is critical to know that nearly 90% of HME claims are avoidable and are near 65% are never reworked.

The Sunknowledge Secret in HME Billing

Over the years, we have become a powerhouse in the world of revenue cycle management services in healthcare. Our comprehensive presence, ability and versatility to deliver actionable support in HME billing make us a genuine destination for everything.

  • Right from the start to finish, we do it all right from checking of eligibilities, working on authorization, doctor’s office follow up, order entry to claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable collections and payment posting.
  • We have the conviction in working out a consistent solution for you that will revamp your practice management efforts once and for all.

Speak to our experts and come to know what makes us special in the world of revenue cycle management. We as a team will be happy to share our ideas of a business synergy with you over a no commitment discussion. Get to know what makes us unique in the world of HME billing services. Let us share our ideas with you on how we can resolve all your HME billing worries.

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