Unparalleled Operational Transparency in DME Medical Billing

Over 100 references from leading clients across the DME industry, Sunknowledge has made a presence felt in the competitive landscape. We are currently extending our complete practice management/ RCM support as a reliable operational arm to top DME providers with annual revenue of $1.6 billion.

The best part of being a Sunknowledge client will always be our dedicated account management/ customized reporting best practices available at the lowest rates in the marketplace. In fact, we can proudly say that with our rates starting at $7 per hour for standalone/ end to end DME medical billing; we can meet or beat any price in the market.

Our complete range of services in DME Medical Billing

Billing Services

Pre BillingEligibility Verification – online
Eligibility Verification – online (with same/similar check)
Eligibility Verification – calling (with same/similar check)
Eligibility Verification – calling (with same/similar check) BCBS
Prior Authorization
Prior Authorization (with dr.’s office follow/up) / Re-authorization
Dr.’s office follow-up
Order entry (patient, provider, insurance, item etc.)
Post BillingRejection management
Posting – auto (without audit)
Posting – auto (with audit)
Posting – manual
A/R follow-up
A/R & Denial Management
Support ActivitiesCPAP Compliance (with patient counseling calls)
Patient collections
Re-supply order calls (to patient to confirm requirement)
Hold (eligibility, auth, ins. change, manual hold etc.)

We go beyond processing just your data

Our team understands the DME billing requirements of the industry and deliver tailored assistance. We have a full fledged team of DME billers and coders in place well versed with prominent software like the Kareo, Brightree, OPIE, Fastrack and others. Also, we have equal competence to work with any client proprietary platform and offer customized support which is unparalleled in the competitive landscape.

Let our team share with you our plan of action! We promise to reduce billing costs by 80% with a collection increase of 97%. Our leadership team will be sharing with you, our strong references, delivery model and offer you superior support. Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage in DME medical billing! You are just a call away from finding a perfect partner that accelerates your reimbursements in the best possible manner.

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