Empowering DME Billing with Proactive Outsourcing

Medical supplies that can withstand repeated usage are known as Durable Medical Equipment (DME). It helps patients with everyday activity assistance and is prescribed by a physician. According to Polaris market research report, the US Durable Medical Equipment market is going to reach 77 billion by the end of 2026.

  • The changes with CMS-mandated DME billing guidelines can impact providers to different degrees. Also there are rampant alterations with DME billing codes that can cause a lot of confusion in the long run. Finding resources with sufficient billing training can do wonders to your bottom line efforts.
  • However, medical billing companies are always not versatile enough to offer both pre and post-billing assistance. Finding resources who can deliver according to the Medicare DME billing mandates can be a difficult find. It all boils down to finding someone that has the ideal DME billing and coding training to extend the needed assistance.
  • Outsourcing of durable medical equipment billing and coding to a competent vendor will be an effective approach for many. Also, it is pertinent to explore and choose someone with complete knowledge of various DME billing software used in the competitive landscape.

The choice of the ideal alternative, however, is going to be critical. The best ones are well aware of the latest billing guidelines and can offer the needed customization. Managing DME medical billing and coding in-house can be a tricky affair. Especially at the present times with rising minimum wages and inexperienced employees without the right billing training, can make matters worse.

Choose Sunknowledge for The Desired Prowess in DME Billing

Looking for a precise vendor with updated DME billing guidelines and dependable expertise? We are right here for you. Our team has best-in-class understanding of the CMS medical billing mandates and can offer synchronized assistance like few others.

  • We have a robust process in place with resources having extensive DME billing training to accelerate both your front and back-end efforts that transforms your reimbursements. Moreover, we excel in extending full assistance in medical billing and coding with a keen understanding of the best practices of the industry.
  • Our team has the best-in-class understanding of all the latest DME billing codes and reimbursement rates. In fact, our unique experience of working with both payers and providers can actually help you in changing your competitive advantage.

Talk to Us on Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Billing

We work as a desirable arm and deliver tailored assistance in checking of eligibilities, prior authorization, order entry, coding, claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable collections and payment posting. The ideal part is that we deliver all our DME billing services at just $7 per hour, and that also on a standalone as well as in an integrated manner.

Don’t hold back at these difficult times as we can actually transform your durable medical equipment billing and coding process. We are right here to assist with all assistance in DME billing for both private and public Payers. Know more from our experts on how we can assist you build a better and improved Practice Management. Speak to our team about our dedicated medical billing action plan today.