How To Streamline DME Billing for A Powerful Collection

The best ones in DME billing are quite certain on how to revamp their entire practice management process. The process of DME prior authorization and establishment of medical necessity and the fee schedule details are all so much more important for improved collections.

♦ At the end of the day, all you want is undivided time to work with your patients and devote less on DME billing collections. Aligning to the latest guidelines of Medicare and Medicaid Part B mandates should be a top priority for many.

♦ It makes the job of a team of DME billers and coders all the more difficult. Hence, it is imperative to work with someone that knows their job a lot better. Outsourcing of DME billing is working exactly for this reason.

It is helping in revamping the entire process of revenue cycle management, assisting the providers to focus on other major responsibilities with pre and post patient care and customer engagement best practices.

The Sunknowledge Belief

We believe in managing the role of your DME revenue cycle management services partner. Over the last fifteen years, our versatility is what that separates us from the rest. Moreover, our versatility, competence and ability to extend state of the art support make us a powerhouse at the front end efforts.

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Get to know how we have resolved proven challenges in front and back end practice management efforts for the best DME suppliers and providers in the country. Our footprint is spread right from the East to as far as the Hawaii islands in the West.