The DME billing Game Changer: Sunknowledge

A comprehensive support in revenue cycle management is what you can be guaranteed from Sunknowledge. A dedicated company that understands the DME billing mandates, we eliminate the pain points in your daily practice management standards.

A clear cut understanding of the process loopholes and the claims adjudication demands, Sunknowledge just elevates your DME billing needs. We are the only healthcare revenue cycle management company working with payers and that gives us the edge to understand your processes a lot better.

Sunknowledge Sets The Benchmark in Medical Billing

As a 100% HIPAA compliance organization, Sunknowledge can only improve your operational practices. We help you focus better on patient care while we work as your relentless operational extension.

♦ Our account management support and collections efforts necessarily better your DME billing. We are currently working with 100 clients in DME and the only company to offer end to end practice/revenue cycle management support.

♦ Sunknowledge will be a next gen partner for meeting your denial management priorities. We believe in our processes, smart automation and dynamic set up of experienced and expert medical billers, ready to work for you at just $7 per hour!

♦ As an expert medical billing company, we identify the process gap and start filling them up with our extensive accounts receivable analysis.

♦ Our collections team will be following a manual process involving excellent recovery methods. AR recovery with Sun Knowledge will improve your business viability.

Want to know more about us! Our experts are happy to provide you a full demonstration. Let’s get together for a brainstorming discussion and learn how Sunknowledge can be of value to you! Hire us for business excellence, reduced billing costs by 70%. We will be your reliable DME billing destination boosting your reimbursements with better communication standards with the payers.

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