A DME Billing Extension Enhancing Cash Flow

Ability to provide support in pre billing and post billing, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a complete DME billing company. We have been providing our range of services in practice management/ revenue cycle management for leading providers with great consistency.

Our team has earned a unique edge in working with leading DME providers with admirable distinction. As a 100% HIPAA compliant destination, we have transformed cash flow for leading clients in the DME space.

As a reliable operational extension, we have been setting the benchmark by providing complete DME billing support. Our team is versatile across all leading billing systems and extends exciting opportunities for all providers in the DME space. We provide:

♦ Order Entry
♦ Eligibility Verification and Authorization
♦ Doctor Office Follow-up
♦ Order Confirmation
♦ Scheduling of Delivery

Billing & Collections
♦ Creation of Claims
♦ Claims Submission & Rejections
♦ Cash Posting
♦ A/R Follow-up
♦ Rejection & Denial Management

Our team promises to reduce your billing costs by 80% instantly and ensure collections of over 90% even from aging AR’s. We also provide a complete action plan with guaranteed submission of DME prior authorization of 100% on the same day itself with 99% accuracy. We have setting a track record of shrinking the accounts receivable bucket by 30% within a span of one month.

Sunknowledge Services Inc. extends unparalleled operational transparency, superior communication standards and dedicated resources at just $7 per hour, the best rates in the market. Also, we provide customized reporting as well as the best productivity metrics in the entire RCM world.

We believe that we are far ahead than Brightree Billing Services as our price is almost 70% cheaper than them. A lot of Brightree clients have been successfully transitioned by us and we help them get better revenue cycle management support with over 100’s of references in the DME world. Looking to know more? Why don’t you get on a call with our leadership team and know how we transform your cash flow with our specialized intervention. Engage in a discussion with us and get to know how we have been clinical with our DME billing performance.

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